Back In Motion logoSuffering from an ongoing ache or pain? Perhaps you would like some guidance for beginning your fitness program at Coburg Leisure Centre.

Book a free in-centre initial assessment with Back In Motion physiotherapist Marcus Pain and have your injury or ailment diagnosed and a treatment plan created for free in a 20 minute consult.

We’ll schedule a second 20 minute standard price consult immediately after so you can proceed with treatment right away if needed.

Marcus treats a range of physical health concerns and has a particular interest in chronic and recurrent spinal complaints and, being a keen runner himself, also running assessments and injury management and rehabilitation.

Marcus and the team offer the following services to members of Coburg Leisure Centre as well as the local community:

  • treatment for spinal injuries,
  • treatment for sport and gym related injuries,
  • running assessments,
  • exercise programs,
  • pre-sport/exercise assessments, goal setting, plans and technique guidance,
  • treatment for postural and workplace-related aches and pains,
  • acute and chronic injury treatment, and
  • management of recurrent injuries.

Through Back In Motion's unique Results4Life® approach, Marcus will work with you to achieve optimal lifelong physical health through sustained results in the shortest possible time.

At your request, Marcus can also work with your personal trainer to ensure your gym program is achieving your goals while also managing and being respectful of any injuries.

Operating hours

  • Tuesdays - 10 am - 12 pm and 3 pm - 6 pm
  • Thursdays - 3 pm - 6 pm


To make a booking, speak to staff at reception or contact the centre on 9354 3504.

More information

Back In Motion Brunswick's main practice is located at 789 Sydney Road, Brunswick and open 7am-8pm Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings. Additional services we can provide are at our main practice are Clinical Pilates classes, Galileo Whole Body Vibration Training, GaitScan®, custom orthotics and much more, with a choice of male or female physiotherapists. You can book by phoning 9386 4142 or online.

We treat patients from all funding sources including Workcover, TAC, Medicare EPC (with appropriate referral), DVA and, of course privately funded with or without health insurance.