Why get active?

Getting involved in sport and physical activity is important. You meet new people, have fun and feel connected to the community. Sometimes though, we don't know where to go for help. Activity Match is a new service in Moreland to help you to get active!

Regardless of a person's age, culture, sex or ability, there are plenty of opportunities to get active. You can get active as a participant, instructor, official, committee member, volunteer or spectator.

Sports and physical activity are a great way to:

  • get fit
  • stay healthy
  • have fun meet people
  • learn new skills, and
  • so much more!

Activity Match options

Information on the web

We have a great website - activemoreland.com.au/find-an-activity - that can be used to help you identify what activities best suit your need, where they are, how much it will cost and lots of other information to help you to get more active more often. Use the activity search tool to find an activity that suits your needs. 

Face to face

If you prefer to speak to someone face to face, we can help you access information about the sport and physical activity options available in Moreland. You can come directly to an Active Moreland leisure centre or call us to speak to a friendly staff member.

A little guidance

Perhaps you don't know what activity to try - one of our Activity Match facilitators can help you, face to face, to work out what activities suit your needs best.

Help to prepare and meet the club

Sometimes, going to an activity alone fot the first time can be a bit daunting, especially if you haven't tried the activity before. Activity Match can help you to prepare for getting involved and if needed, a facilitator can meet you at the club or activity to introduce you to people.

Support until you feel confident

For those who may need extra time to feel comfortable and confident in the activity environment, a facilitator can support you to get to know the people at the activity, help to adapt or modify activities with the activity leader and help you to plan to participate in the activity.


More information on Activity Match

Phone: 9358 6600
Email Fawkner Leisure Centre
Visit us: 79-83 Jukes Road, Fawkner, Vic 3060