Our first ever 5-week Body Fitness Challenge begins Monday 8 October!

We’ve observed trends and customer feedback, and reinvented our traditional Bootcamp...

Introducing our 5 Week Body-Fitness Challenge!

Starting Monday 8 October through to Monday 12 November, our new program is just the push you need before summer hits.

What to expect

Our Body Fitness Challenge will consist of 3 sessions a week for 5 weeks. Each week will focus on a different training method for a full body workout!

Our range of activities are all designed to make you fitter, stronger, healthier and motivated!

You can expect the following during our 5-week  Body Fitness Challenge:

  • Training methods and activites including cardio, HIIT, Tabata, Strength, Endurance, Speed and Circuit!
  • EVOLT Body Composition testing, to truly track your progress 
  • Qualified trainers who understand the results you want and how to get you there
  • A traditional 'fun day' for all participants
  • Resources including at-home workouts and recipe ideas

Whether you need to kick-start your fitness, or just add something new to your current training - our challenge will help you get closer to your goal in a fun, supportive and social environment.


  • $119.00 EARLY BIRD (available until Friday 28 September)
  • $129.00 member price
  • $139.00 non-member

To register

To register for the 5-week Body Fitness challenge, you can: