Our top 10 of 2017!

Our top 10 of 2017!

Another year has come to an end - and what a year it’s been for Active Moreland!

We’ve welcomed many new faces, and said goodbye to some familiar others. We’ve trialled, challenged, celebrated, fundraised, collaborated, refurbished, and most of all, we’ve provided the Moreland community with programs and services in order for them to be happier and healthier.

In no particular order, here are our Top 10 highlights of 2017:

1. Active Week 

Taking out an award for 'Inclusion and participation' at the Victorian YMCA Staff and Volunteer awards, as well as recieving a 'High Commendation' for community event of the year at the Moreland awards, Active Week continued to be a huge success in 2017. Participants enjoyed a week of free activities, both in centre and across Moreland. If you aren't already registered for our 2018 Active Week opening event- the Fun Run and Walk- register now! 

2. May Madness 

We're Les Mills obsessed across Active Moreland! For the month of May, participating Health Club members partook in as many Group Fitness classes as they could - each time they completed a class, they would have their May Madness card stamped. At the end of the month, the cards with the most stamps went into a draw to win prizes! Over 200 members participated in May Madness across Active Moreland, which is nothing short of impressive! 

3. Fitness, Fun and Wellness Camp 

We love Bootcamp programs. So much so, that we even take them offsite! In November, Active Moreland held a 'Fitness, Fun and Wellness Camp' located in Phillip Island. Participants spent two nights on the beautiful island, where they participated in 7 Health and wellness sessions including boxing, surfing, and meditation on the beach! Shout out to our amazing trainers Glenda, Alfie and Leonie who made the weekend possible and unforgettable! 

4. National Children's Week 

In the month of October, our childcare and occasional care centres celebrated National Children's Week!  Events and activities were organised at national, state and local levels. Across Active Moreland, children were given the opportunity to demonstrate their talents, skills, abilities, and most of all, enjoy themselves! The kids at Fawkner Leisure centre occasional care created a hand print mural, demonstrating and celebrating diversity.

5. Seniors' activities and programs 

We are really proud of showcasing diversity across Active Moreland, and our senior members are no exception. Earlier in the year, we treated our Active Moreland seniors to a day trip to Mount Macedon and Kyneton. Additionally, we have hosted Senior lunches and morning teas, often before or after our senior classes. One member from Coburg Leisure Centre was enthisiastic to tell us: "I have wonderful instructors, especially Daniel, Suzy, and Lois who have great communication skills and a significant understanding of the ageing process and exercise that works for me".  

6. Tour De Moreland 

To correspond with the iconic Tour De France, our Active Moreland pelotons joined trainer lead teams, and cycled as many kilometres as they could over the month of July! Participants across Brunswick Baths, Coburg Leisure Centre, and Fawkner Leisure Centre were allowed to cycle up to 20kms a day- our participants with the most logged kilometres at the end of the competition then went into a prize draw! Across Active Moreland our participants cycled a whopping 28,742 kilometres! Sensationnel!  

7. Ride to the pool week 

We hold some amazing events at our seasonal pools, but one of our favourites is 'Ride to the pool week'. For one week in January, we encourage pool goers to ride their bikes to the pool to recieve a discounted entry. Riding is not only great for the environment, but also for your fitness! Health benefits, environmental sustainability and a discount? It's a bargain worth riding for! 

8. Grey Medallion 

The Grey Medallion is a water safety and lifesaving skills initiative for older adults. It aims to encourage a healthy, independent and active lifestyle through the development of essential skills in order to participate in aquatic recreation activities safely. Earlier this year, we held the Active Moreland Grey Medallion at Fawkner Leisure Centre - our qualified instructors taught participants personal survival techniques, improved swimming skills, skills to deal with emergency situations and a thorough understanding of water safety knowledge in order to reduce the likelihood of drowning. 

9. Teenage Holiday Program 

The Active Moreland Teenage Holiday Program offers fun and engaging activities for young people aged 12 to 16 years! These jam packed days see 20 young people, including 4 spaces for young people with low to moderate support needs, enjoy activities such as paintballing, the movies, skateboarding, swimming and much more. It's a fantastic way to keep busy, active and make new friends. This year, we had a total of 319 attendances. We only hope to see that grow in 2018! Bookings are already open for the next one held in January! 

10. Funds raised for Open Doors 

And last but not least, our Open Doors initiative kicked some serious goals this year. Open Doors provides full or subsidised access to Active Moreland programs or services to those most in need. The role of Open Doors is instrumental in ensuring that no one misses out on the opportunity to be happier, and healthier. In 2017, Active Moreland raised a massive $19.592 for Open Doors. This funding went on to provide access to multiple different groups, including 3 of Moreland's most disadvantaged schools who recieved two terms of free swimming lessons!


And that's a wrap! From the team at Active Moreland, we wish you a happy new year. We look forward to seeing you all for an even bigger and better 2018.