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Active Moreland COVID-19 Centre Updates 

Victorian Government announced on Tuesday 30 June that the COVID-19 ‘hot zone’ areas in Victoria will be returning to Stage Three restrictions from 11.59pm Wednesday 1 July.

Moreland postcodes are included in the hot zones and we will therefore Fawkner Leisure Centre will close effective Wednesday 1 July. 11.59 pm, Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre will remain closed as will Coburg Leisure Centre. On a positive note, Brunswick Baths will remain open until we receive further information from the state Government. 

Brunswick pool is now open with restrictions
Brunswick Baths' indoor and outdoor pools reopened on Tuesday 9 June, with 20 person limits. Opening hours will be 6am to 10am and 4pm to 8pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm Saturday. Sunday's will remain closed however from Sunday 5 July we will open up the outdoor pool from 8 am - 12 pm

Bookings can be made here.

Frequently asked questions

While we don’t have every single answer to every single question yet – things are moving so rapidly and we’re working as quickly as possible to provide the right information at the right time – we have provided some of the key information below.


  • When will Active Moreland Centre reopen?

    We are pleased to announce that we have confirmed opening dates to our facilities,

    Brunswick Baths
    Indoor Pool – Monday 9 June
    Gym – Monday 22 June
    Group Fitness – Monday 6 July

    Coburg Leisure Centre
    Indoor Pool – TBC. Aquatics facility is currently undergoing renovations
    Gym – Monday 13 July
    Group Fitness – Monday 13 July

    Fawkner Leisure Centre
    Indoor Pool – Monday 22 June
    Gym – Monday 29 June
    Group Fitness – TBC

    Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre
    Gym, Group Fitness and Cycle – Monday 6 July

  • How many people can attend each session?

    The indoor program pool with be limited to 15-20 people per booking session depending on pool configuration. 

  • How can I attend lap swimming? 

    If you would like to come to the centre for a lap swim, you first need to book online. 

  • How many people will be able to attend each session?

    Depending on which facility you swim and pool configuration, sessions will be limited to 15-20 patrons.

  • How do i book into a session?

    Bookings can be done online by clicking here.

  • When can I book?

    Active Moreland Members - Lane bookings will be available 4 days in advanced 

    Multi Visit Pass Holders - Lane bookings will be available 2 days (48hr) in advanced.

    Casual users - Lane bookings will be available 1 day (24hr) in advaced. 

    Bookings close 1 hour before each lap swim session. You can change your booking up to two hours prior to your start time. Payment is required in advance. 

  • I don't have a credit card, can I pay for a session?

    Payments are required at the time of booking online. If online payments are not an option, you will need to call Brunswick Baths during our opening hours to make other payment arrangements. Cash payments will not be accepted. 

  • Can I attend without having a booking?

    No. Bookings are required for all pools access and lap swimming.

  • When I book online, does my data stay in Australia?

    Yes. Your personal data captured by the online booking system Nabooki, is saved on the server situated in Australia. 

  • How long do I have to swim?

    Once you have booked your lap swimming time, you will have one hour in the facility. We recommend you use your hour for approximately 45 minutes of swimming, allowing for time to collect your belongings and exit the centre. You must depart the centre prior to the next session commencing. Please follow Lifeguard instructions who will advise you when it is time to leave the water, collect your belongings and proceed to the exit. 

  • What's happening to my membership?

    Memberships will remain on suspension during this trial phase. Attending the facility during these restricted operations will be on a pay per use per-booked online system and will not impact your membership.  

  • It's cheaper to use my membership, why can't it be reactivated?

    As members will need to book in advance, continuing memberships is not practical at this stage. As some sessions will book out or become unavailable, a pay per use system has been established to be fair to all members. 

  • Are you changing your opening hours?

    Yes. Our operating hours have changed. Please refer to the Pool Locations and Hours page on our website. 

  • Can I be assured that the centre is clean? 

    Cleaning is our highest priority. A program will be in place to disinfect all high-touch surfaces on a regular basis. Hand sanitiser stations will be located throughout the facilities.

  • What is my responsibility regarding social distancing? 

    Practice social distancing at all times when in and around the facility. 

    If asked by our team to adjust your positioning please follow their guidance.

    Please oberve all signage and practice hand hygiene. 

    Floor markers willl be indicate safe distance. 

  • Will you be temperature testing all members?

    Yes, as part of entry you will be required to pass a health screening process which will include having your tempreature taken. 

  • If I'm temperature checked and my temperture is 38 (or more) and asked to leave, do I get a refund?

    Yes, you will be provided with a full refund. 

  • What happens if I refuse a temperature check?

    Having your temperature checked is a condition of entry and we will have to ask you to leave the facility. 

  • How do I leave the venue?

    Staff will provide direction and there will be signage to lead the way. 

  • Are change rooms, showers or toilets available? 

    Change Room facilities at Brunswick Baths and Fawkner Leisure Centre will be available as of Monday 22 June.

    We encourage users to shower and change at home or work as there will be limited space in these areas.

    Capacity restrictions are displayed at each entry point and 1.5 m social distancing measures will remain in place. Please adhere to these restrictions for the safety of yourself and other users in the facility.

  • Are drinking foutains available?

    Drink foutains will be available to fill bottles, but not for directly drinking. We ask patrons to wash or sanitise their hands before using drink foutains to fill their own bottles. 

    Kiosk facilities will remaind closed.

  • Why can't pools reopen on 1 June?

     With the ease in Government restrictions, we now have confirmed dates! 

    Brunswick Baths Pools – Monday 9 June
    Coburg Leisure Centre – TBC as this area of the facility is undergoing renovations
    Fawkner Leisure Centre – Monday 22 June
    Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre – seasonal outdoor pool

  • Is the pool safe, what changes have you made to ensure the water is clean?

    Our water management systems have been reviewed in line with recent changes to government regulations to continue to meet a high standard of safety. All our pools are disinfected with chlorine in-line with the Public Health and Well-being Regulations 2019. Chlorine is proven to disinfect pathogens which include viruses such as

  • Can I bring my child for a swim?

    Due to the restrictions in place, only members will be able to book to attend. If your child is an eligible member, they too will have received communications on how to book.

    Children under the age of 10 years not permitted.

  • Can people from the same household share a lane?

    Lanes will be allocated to individuals at the time of their bookings. 

  • Can I bring someone with me?

    Due to Government restrictions we have a maximum capacities for all pre-booked sessions. Please contact us via email or phone if you need to bring a carer. Spectators/ visitors will not be premitted entry.

  • Can I use the equipment. Do I have to provide my own equipment?

    As a measure to further reduce any risk, equipment will not be provided. You can bring your own equipment from home. 

  • Can I use the spa, steam, sauna?

    In line with guidelines for the reopening of aquatic facilities, the spas, steam room and saunas will remain closed along with the water play pool.

  • Can I book back to back sessions?

    To manage social distancing, and limits within each area, you will need to book to attend one pool only. If you wish to move between pools, you will need to book a second session and move to that pool for that session.

  • Can I just drop in and swim if a lane is available? 

    Members will be able to book back to back sessions, however we remind members that they will need to have left the facility at the end of the session to allow staff to clean before returning for their next session. 

  • How will the pools and Brunswick Baths be set up?

    The main outdoor 50m pool will be set up with 8 lanes in the 50m configuration.

    The indoor program pool will be set up with 5 lanes, 2 slower lap swimmers and 3 for rehab/walking. 

  • How do I get into the venue?

    Make your way to the main entry. You may be required to wait at the doors prior to your session start time. Please use the hand sanitiser provided on entry. Follow the floow markings and line up at the front desk. Please keep 1.5m away from others. 

  • Will I be refunded if the pool is closed or a session is cancelled?

    Sessions may be cancelled in cases of dangerous enviromental conditions (i.e. hail or lighting)

    Staff will try to notify members with a booking as soon as a decision is made to close the pool for your safety. You will be notified via text message and offered a credit on your next session. Refunds are avaiable upon application.  

Gym and Group Fitness facilities 


  • When will the gyms reopen?

    With the ease in Government restrictions, we now have confirmed dates!
    Brunswick Baths Pools – Monday 22June
    Coburg Leisure Centre – Monday 13 July  
    Fawkner Leisure Centre – Monday 22 June
    Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre – Monday 6 July

  • How do I book my gym session?

    Gym sessions can be pre-booked online by clicking here.

    Active Moreland Members can book 4 days in advance

    Multi-visit pass holders can book 2 days in advance

    Casual users can book 1 day in advance 

  • What do I bring to my gym workout?

    Guests need to bring their own large towel, a water bottle and if you need a mat, please bring that as well. It is important you only bring essential items, as there are no lockers available. 

    All Active Moreland facilities have a no towel, no entry policy in place. 

  • Will more classes be introduced? 

    We will be introducing more classes in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned on your preferred Active Moreland sites Facebook page for more details.

  • What do I bring to my group fitness class?

    Guests need to bring their own large towel and water bottle. If you choose to do Yoga, Pilates, Body Balance please also bring your own mat as these will not be provided. 

    All Active Moreland facilities have a no towel, no entry policy in place. 

  • Why are only some classes available?

    Our aim is to offer a range of classes to appeal to the wide variety of people, whilst maintaining a safe environment for all to use. More classes will be introduced in the coming weeks.

Swimming Lessons FAQs 

  • When are Swimming Lessons restarting?

    At this stage, with the current restrictions on pools, it is not practical to re-commence swimming lessons. Once restrictions are further eased and re-commencement of swimming lessons is achievable, we will be in touch with families to provide further information on how and when lessons will return.

  • Are you currently taking new enrolments?

    At this stage, venues are taking expressions of interest for new enrolments however these will not be confirmed until we restart the swimming program. For those wishing to enrol with Active Moreland, enquiries will be added to the waiting list and contacted when spaces become available. Please email

Contact Details 

Who can I contact if I have further questions?

Brunswick Baths
Fawkner Leisure Centre

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Fawkner Leisure Centre will close 11.59 pm Wednesday 1 July, Coburg Leisure Centre and Oak Park will remain closed and Brunswick Baths will stay open! Members will continue to remain on suspension during this time.