Women's Only Swimming

Women's Only at Fawkner Leisure Centre!

We offer a women’s only swimming is a program at Fawkner Leisure Centre for women and girls of different backgrounds and religions to swim comfortably once the pools are closed to the public. Boys aged 5 and under are welcome to join.

During these sessions we have made the pools, sauna, spa and steam room available to female participants only.

Fawkner Leisure Centre - Womens Only times

Sundays 3 pm - 5 pm

Women’s only swimming is available to all female patrons of the community. In this session there is no dress code, however it is expected that you wear appropriate swim attire. During these sessions, you’re able to come in and use the indoor pool, spa and sauna, without social pressures.

Sundays 5 pm - 7 pm

This session is a private pool booking for our more modest women. It is run by the Fawkner Multi Cultural Group. During this session we enforce a strict dress code in our aquatic areas. This includes wearing the appropriate swimming attire and swimming headscarves.
Please note: when temperature is over 31 degrees or above, women’s only swimming may be cancelled.