Active Moreland club endorsement

What is Active Moreland endorsement?

Endorsement recognises that a club meets the Active Moreland standard and is committed to being inclusive and welcoming of all people.

The club is permitted to use the ‘endorsed by’ Active Moreland logo.

Active Moreland endorsed club logo

The Active Moreland standard

The Active Moreland standard is a set of criteria, developed in consultation with state sporting associations, sports clubs and Council officers. 

Current best practice programs, such as VicHealth’s ‘Everyone Wins’ framework, have also been used in developing the standard.

Why did Council develop the standard?

Council developed the standard to be able to better promote ‘welcoming and inclusive’ opportunities.

The brand conveys a message that sport or physical activity which is endorsed and meets the standard provides a positive experience for new participants.

Research undertaken by Council shows that people are not aware of the opportunities that exist and when they do know often find it difficult to take the next step. This is especially so for people who face disadvantage or have had a bad experience in the past. 

Council wants to support Moreland clubs to get more members and one way we are doing this is to endorse their activities and the club. Clubs can then build on the promotion and credibility of the Active Moreland brand.

What does inclusive and welcoming mean?

  • Systems, processes and environments are developed or adapted to ensure people are encouraged to get involved in the club.
  • Practices are in line with universal design principles and social inclusion philosophies.
  • Barriers (including perceived ones) are removed or reduced, ensuring everyone is able to get involved. 
  • Proactive strategies are in place that enable participation and services that support and encourage participation. 

Active Moreland actively seeks out, encourages and supports lifelong participation. Everyone is made to feel welcome.

What successful clubs do

A good club is well governed, meets both Council and SSA requirements, and has qualified coaches and officials.

Successful clubs also make a concerted effort to welcome and include all people within their clubs.

They do this by offering entry level participation opportunities, support to get involved, population specific opportunities, and are flexible in their systems and processes to ensure any barriers to participation are removed.

Why clubs should seek Active Moreland endorsement

  • Heighten the credibility of the club
  • Recognition
  • Priority listing on the Active Moreland website
  • Acknowledgement from Council that you are doing the right thing – therefore access to grounds, grants and other support is much more likely
  • Use of the ‘endorsed by’ Active Moreland logo to promote your activities, and
  • Access to a range of promotional template. 

Endorsement does not provide funding for activites, or insurance cover or indemnity for events and initiatives. It does not provide the planning, implementing or evaluating of initiatives by the club.

How to get your club endorsed

Clubs must meet the Active Moreland Standard in order to be eligible to be an Active Moreland Endorsed club.

Other requirements

  • An assessment is undertaken annually at the time of ground applications or annual lease requirements.
  • A contract needs to be developed to ensure logo use and other requirements are met.
  • Random checks – mystery shopper program – are implemented to ensure the clubs are achieving what they say they are doing.
  • Communication with State Sporting Associations to ensure clubs are compliant with SSA requirements.
  • Active Moreland endorsement can be removed at any time at Council’s discretion. In order to protect the brand, we need to ensure the clubs we are endorsing are, in fact, being inclusive and welcoming. 


If you decide to get your club Active Moreland endorsed, here are links to resources to help you achieve endorsement.