Female leaders of Moreland

Once a month Active Moreland profiles a female playing a vital leadership role at her club. To see how Moreland Council is supporting females in sport, see our Active Women and Girls Strategy.

Georgie McElligott (September 2020)

 August 2020

For the month of September, we’d love you to meet Pascoe Vale Hadfield CC President Georgie McElligott! Georgie has held the position of President for two years after volunteering at the club in other roles for over seven years, including Vice President. The step up to President was the natural progression!

What activities/tasks form part of your role?
Besides conducting committee meetings throughout the year and continuing effective communication with our governing bodies and the community as a whole, I really see the presidency position as one of assistance and guidance. I support and help all of the volunteers we have, in all aspects of running our club

Where did your initial interest come from to be part of the club?
I grew up around sports clubs and my parents always volunteered at my chosen sports. When my three kids fell in love with playing cricket, it was natural for me to volunteer at the club. My husband and I value the importance of what a sport and the club environment gives with raising children.

What is your greatest success so far?
I think there are a couple of things our club can be proud to have achieved so far. Our volunteer base has increased. There were only four people on our committee when I started and now we have about 16, which is fabulous. Also, the increase of female participation on and off the field has increased. Season 2019/20 saw us field our first ever Senior Women's Team – which is awesome!

What do you think will be your legacy left at the club?
That we have created a club that is community minded. We will provide a safe, family friendly sports orientated place that people want to be a part of.

Why should the community join your club?
We pride ourselves on being a family friendly club that's wanting to build around our junior programs (both boys and girls), while providing a good, competitive structured senior cricket format.

PVHCC has worked hard off the field to create an environment that is supportive of women both on and off the field, as demonstrated by Georgie’s tenure as President. With a focus on supporting families to enjoy the game of cricket while educating them of the need to contribute to the club, PVHCC has volunteers who have bought into the bigger picture and support the club’s vision provide a real community environment. Congratulations!

Helen Moloney (June 2020)

 Helen Moloney - June

For the month of June, we’d love you to meet Northern Golf Club Board Member Helen Moloney!

Helen was the Womens Captain/Vice Captain for five years and is currently holds a position on the board. Helen, along with Bev (pictured above) have been the drivers behind the club’s newest committee to address the fall in numbers of female golfers at the club.

How did you get your current role on the board? I advocated for two positions on the Board of Management to be made available to women only. 

What activities/tasks form part of your role? Chairperson of the Female Participation Committee – reporting directly to the Board. The role involves recruiting people onto the committee, organising meetings and agendas, supporting members of the committee to carry out tasks relating to increasing female participation at the club. Hands on tasks personally.  Producing minutes for the Board can also form part of the role. 

Where did your initial interest come from to be part of the club? My parents and siblings were all golfers and I wanted to get involved and play golf.  The club was the closest private golf course to where I lived.

What is your greatest success so far? My greatest success so far has been the increased number of females engaging at our club – learning to play and love the game of golf, taking part in social activities and making friends at the club.

What do you think will be your legacy left at the club? That recognising the issues facing females in sport and particularly golf, we were able to turn the declining membership and participation of women around and make the women’s presence at Northern Golf Club a strong presence for the future. 

Why should the community join your club? The community should join our club to learn to love the game of golf in a beautiful natural environment, play a sport that can be played by all ages and take part in the social activities making friends along the way. 

The Northern Golf club has successfully received grants from VicHealth to support the This Girl Can campaign, allowing the club to open up the driving range and putting greens for women to ‘Give Golf a Go!’ Golf is traditionally seen as the men’s game and Bev and Helen, strongly supported by Club President Peter Randles have worked hard to address the barriers and change that perception. The club is starting to see the hard work paying off with women signing up for lessons, casual sessions and memberships! Congratulations!

Jacqui Maulden (February 2020)

 Jacqui Maulden

For the month of February we are proud to share Jacqui Maulden’s story with you!

  1. Club Name: Coburg Cricket Club 
  1. Role & length: Vice President / Women's Cricket Coordinator from 2017-present
  1. How did you get your role? When the club was in need of a revamp and needed some fresh new ideas and a new direction, I stepped up to the role of Vice President. After many years of being a club member and also standing on the committee for a few years, I must admit that I was initially very reluctant to take on the commitment because I wasn't sure I could do it, but it has been one of the biggest learning curves of my life and I wouldn't change anything that has resulted from taking on this role. I've definitely had to grow into it, but am passionate about fulfilling my role as best as I can.
  1. What activities/tasks form part of your role? My role at the club encompasses so many different things, I like to be flexible and do whatever the club needs. Some of the tasks I have undertaken over the last three years include attending meetings with other clubs to discuss competition rules and disputes, deciding on which competition best suits our playing group, recruiting players and coaches, communicating with the playing group (both male and female) as well as discussing key issues with the other Executive committee members at the club that will ensure that the men, women and junior players at Coburg CC are having the best experiences and opportunities in cricket. Basically, ensuring that we are providing the best possible environment for any player that chooses to play at our club.
  1. Where did you initial interest come from to be part of the club? I started playing cricket at Coburg when I was 14/15 years old - a couple of people from the club came out to my school and ran a clinic, and I gave it a go. I knew nothing about cricket at the time, but was the sort of kid that would try any sport. I certainly couldn't have predicted that I would still be playing there 23 years later! And the people that ran the clinic are still there too! I suppose once I got to know everyone at the club, I couldn't really leave - they're like my second family.
  1. What is your greatest success so far? I feel very lucky to have played at a club that has such a successful history in women's cricket, so it's hard to really choose just one thing! I think last year was definitely a highlight, as it was my first time captaining a team, and we actually won the premiership at the end of the season, so it would be remiss of me to not acknowledge that one as my greatest success. I'm hoping there are more successes to come in the future!
  1. What do you think will be your legacy left at the club? This is a hard question, because it's not something I've really thought about before. Coburg CC has such a fantastic culture, where the men and women's teams train and socialise harmoniously and really respect one another. I'd like to think that I have played a role in creating a strong bond between the men and women, and would like that to be something I would be remembered for and would continue if I wasn't there. 
  1. Why should the community join your club? Coburg Cricket Club is such a wonderful family friendly club, where all people are accepted for who they are and we welcome players from such a diverse range of backgrounds. People who are new to our club often comment on how welcoming and friendly the people are in the club, which is something that I am proud. Particularly from a female perspective, our club is ideal for any female cricketers of any age out there who are looking for a club with a culture that promotes fun, friendship and development, whilst also giving it our best when we play. We have players aged from 11 - 73 years old (that's not a joke, yes 73!) and everyone gets along like a big cricket family. We have a great balance between taking our sport seriously, but having a great social culture at the same time. Restaurants often find it hard to cater for our large team dinners that we have after every game! It really is a wonderful place to play cricket. 

    We are looking to expand our women’s program and add an extra team or two for next season, and are also really looking for any junior girls that want to play in girls only U/11, U/13 and U/15 cricket. We welcome anyone to contact us and get into cricket!

Elissa Andreacchio (January 2020)

For the month of January we are proud to share Elissa Andreacchio's story with you!


Club Name: Coburg Tennis Club 

Current role: Participation Co-ordinator – 6 months

Previous role: Secretary - 3 years

How did you get your role?

After reconnecting with the Coburg Tennis Club and playing a couple of seasons in the seniors competition, I approach Rebecca, President at the time, expressing my interest in being more involved with the club.  We discussed the roles available and was later appointed Secretary at the Annual General Meeting.

I moved into the role of Participation Co-ordinator in 2019 after discussions with the committee members following our strategic planning meetings. The role was created to focus on player participation with an emphasis on female participation, player engagement and club accessibility.

What activities/tasks form part of your role? (Imagine someone in the community might like to take on your role but they are not sure what it involves, one/two sentences the activities/tasks of your role)

The task that form part of the role include;

Facilitating senior competition play and social play;

Implementing initiatives to increase club accessibility to the wider community;

Fostering club-player relationships; 

Strategising about increasing participation;

Have fun!

Where did your initial interest come from to be part of the club?

Whilst at university, I found myself spending long hours in front of a computer, buried in textbooks, stressing and did not regularly engage in physical exercise.

I had not played tennis regularly in over 6 years. I decided to re-join the Coburg Tennis Club, the local club, in an effort to improve my physical and mental well being.

Over the last 5 years, tennis has allowed me to focus on my fitness, be active, socialise with other players, connect with my team and improve my mental health.

What is your greatest success so far?

2019 was a successful year for Coburg Tennis Club in which I assisted in the following:

Launch of ‘MumsatCTC’ program;

Pilot of ‘Open Court Sessions’ with Tennis Australia & Tennis Victoria;

Towards 2025 Strategic Plan.

Personally, my success at CTC for 2019 included:

Increasing senior teams across ladies, mixed and mens.

Successfully obtaining VicHealth Grant to run “Girls Let’s Play” Program [Watch this space to commence Feb 2020]

Supporting “This Girl Can” campaign.

What do you think will be your legacy left at the club?

I believe that my contribution to the club and legacy will be to:

Increase female participation within the club in both competition and social play.

Increasing club focus to include increased opportunities for social, cardio tennis and provide more flexible playing programs.

Increase participation of young people within the management of the club and associations. When I started being active in the club and associations, I notice only a few others around my age group and I aim to encourage and include more young people within the management of the club.

Why should the community join your club?

Coburg Tennis Club is proudly celebrating its 130 years in 2020 and we take pride of in promoting tennis as a life sport and encouraging participation to members of the Moreland community of ALL abilities. 

CTC has exciting programs ahead of us in 2020 to suit everyone, from all different levels of skill with a focus of social play. We recognise the importance of competitive tennis and the importance of social play.

We are thrilled to be running “Get Your Racquet On” Open Court Sessions at the club throughout January – March which will be a combination of social tennis, music, food, drinks and laughter.

CTC will continue to run the MumsatCTC program following its successful launch in 2019, providing mums the opportunity to meet, drink tea, socialise and play social tennis.

We will also be launching our ‘Girls Let’s Play’ program in partnership with VicHealth focusing on female participation and cardio fitness.

The club has Book-a-Court facilities making it easy for you to jump online and book a court at a time that is convenient for you.  



Nicole Date (August 2019)

For the month of August, we are pleased to share Nicole Date's story with you! 

 Nicole Date

Nicole simply describes her role as ‘I develop young people!’ – what a perfect job description. Nicole is the Junior Development Coach at Brunswick Hockey Club and has been involved for over eight years, previously coaching the Brunswick Women’s team in the Victorian League.

Nicole’s focus at the club is to organise junior players to coach and umpire other teams, stating the grown-ups have to step back and let the kids do it. Nicole’s kids play and she loves watching them play because she loves hockey, and she has played, coached and umpired because it’s fun to stay involved. With experience in all of those roles, Nicole has the skills and experience to guide junior players into roles that most suit them, knowing the end game is to keep players involved in the game long after they have packed away their stick. 

Her greatest success so far is watching unsure, nervous teenagers turn into confident coaches and umpires. ‘This is where resilience comes from! They also learn to be great communicators and leaders. It has been great to watch so many girls improve their confidence and move into senior teams.’

Nicole is confident the that the next generation of players and officials will enjoy putting back into their sport.Hopefully the girls and women she has coached will become leaders in the club and the sport and be able to transfer these skills into their future lives. She also hopes the club will continue to ask to ask ‘how was your game?’ and the answer to be about enjoyment or learning rather than a score.

Are you interested in trying Hockey? Nicole states one of the huge benefits of the Brunswick Hockey Club is to be involved with a community that embrace different families, cultures and players of all ages. Hockey is for everyone and everyone is welcome. See for yourself that it is a well-run club, it’s fun, you get to meet great people, keep fit and active and you will be welcome.


Her greatest success so far is watching unsure, nervous teenagers turn into confident coaches and umpires. This is where resilience comes from! They also learn to be great communicators and leaders. It has been great to watch so many girls improve their confidence and move into senior teams.’


Peita Price (June 2019)

This month, we’d love you to meet West Coburg Football Club’s Peita Price!

 Females of Moreland

Do you know a mum who thinks she can’t help out at her kid’s sport because she knows nothing about it? Share Peita’s story to inspire more women to get involved!

Simply putting her hand up to help out the Auskick coordinator led Peita on a journey to becoming the coach of the West Coburg Football Club’s first female team and the first female coach at the club.

After Auskick, Peita put her hand up to be girls footy coordinator, and when the coach pulled out at the last minute she stepped in as coach – and she’s never looked back.

Peita has now coached girls footy for three years with the U12s being undefeated in their inaugural season and winning the Premiership. Peita states this is the most satisfying experience in not only footy, but her entire sporting life.

Being a naturally enthusiastic person who’s willing to learn and great with kids, Peita knew she had more to offer and more to learn about aussie rules – so she took up playing herself to get a better understanding of the game.

Peita runs clinics at schools and come and try sessions with a focus on getting more girls interested in footy, plus being the coach of the team, there is instantly a recognisable face when the new players and their families arrive at the club.

West Coburg Football Club supported Peita in her coaching role by ensuring she was paired with an assistant coach and a coaching mentor. She is proud to say she now mentors others. Attending lots of workshops to learn more from others, Peita even created ‘the little blue book’ with her favourite skills and drills for quick reference!

We asked Peita what she hopes her legacy is at the club, ‘I hope I have forged a culture with my female colleagues that strong confident girls make strong confident women - I hope that the girls learn from me that no matter your shape, fitness, strength / talent  or cultural background - that footy is a place for all girls…… including me!’

Peita acknowledges that the girls program at the club includes all individuals. The players are competitive but remain focused on having fun too. Breeding a culture of listening and respecting each other, the players embrace each individual for what they bring - not for how they perform. The girls program is built on a foundation of respect for the differences among us and the idea that they can all thrive in a team environment.

Think you also have the skills to support your club? Would your club like to implement a role like Peita’s? Ask your own club committee to see how you can help! Like and Follow West Coburg Football Club on social media to stay updated.

Being a naturally enthusiastic person who’s willing to learn and great with kids, Peita knew she had more to offer and more to learn about aussie rules – so she took up playing herself to get a better understanding of the game.


Danielle Sen (May 2019)

This month, we'd love you to meet North Coburg Rebels Danielle Sen! 

 Danielle Sen 

There’s one baseball club in Moreland and Danielle Sen wants you to know about it. Dani played softball for many years and as she regularly drove past Parker Reserve, she thought she’d make contact with the club and give baseball a go. 

Every sports club in Moreland should have a role like Dani’s, her title is Female Engagement and Welfare Coordinator. Dani says ‘We're a sport and a club, that is predominantly male based and it can be an intimidating concept to walk into that sort of situation, so my role is to ensure female members of the club have someone they can discuss issues with off and on the diamond.’ The club is working hard to change the perception of the sport and Dani’s role is critical to their success. 

Four years ago, as the only regularly playing senior female at the club, Dani was asked to join the Rebels committee with the aim to increase female participation at the committee level. Her greatest success so far is obtaining several grants over the last few years, specifically aimed at promoting the club to potential female baseballers.  

Dani had a season ending injury just three games into her second year at the club, and she would have easily walked away at that point and not go back, but she had made some wonderful connections and friends and decided to stay involved and to help the club to grow. 

Acknowledging the crowded sporing environment, the Rebels have a unique opportunity to offer women and girls the opportunity to try something different. The committee is very supportive of Dani and her role and she hopes that her presence and the presence of other females at the club will continue to create a positive attitude and environment that is welcoming to all. 

Once a Rebel, always a Rebel and no matter how far you roam from Parker Reserve you'll always be welcomed back into the fold. 

Think you also have the skills to support your club? Would your club like to implement a role like Dani’s? Ask your own club committee to see how you can help! Like and Follow North Coburg Rebels on social media to stay updated. 

Dani says ‘We're a sport and a club, that is predominantly male based and it can be an intimidating concept to walk into that sort of situation, so my role is to ensure female members of the club have someone they can discuss issues with off and on the diamond.’ 


Athena Babo (April 2019)

This month, we'd love you to meet Pascoe Vale Football Club’s Athena Babo!

Athena Babo

Athena (nee Tona) Babo’s family are founding members of the Pascoe Vale Football Club since 1966 and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Athena grew up with the club that is really her second home.

Involved as the Secretary for the last six years, Athena’s role extends well beyond this as she also lists her titles as Administrator, Media/Social Media Manager and Marketing/Sponsorship Coordinator. 

Athena comes from a family that is very community driven. When the club was promoted to Football Victoria’s National Premier League in 2013, Athena re committed to the club where she has been able to assist with the growth to ensure the club remains at this level for many years to come.

Her role at the club involves many from Secretary, liaising with Council, liaising with Football Victoria, updating social media and websites and assisting to run events. These roles involve reliable, regular communication and the ability to think and act in the best interests of the sport, club and community.

 Athena lists one of the greatest success as achieving the Football Victoria 5 Star Club Award in 2018, the only NPL 1 Club to win the Award.

Of course, another great success was defending human rights in the recent #SaveHakeem case which was the first in the world and first for Australian Football. Hakeem al-Araibi is part of the Pascoe Vale FC family and when detained in Thailand, Athena worked for 19hours a day to lobbying on behalf of Hakeem and his family to bring him home – on top of her other roles!

Athena lists #SaveHakeem and achieving the 5 Star Club rating as two of her proudest moments.

We asked Athena why the community should join Pascoe Vale FC: ‘As a club, we are focused on the community with our mission to be the best NPL Club in Victoria and Youth Football.’ Athena says they are at the forefront of inclusion and diversity and believe in humanity and what is right for their members.

Think you also have the skills to support your club? Ask your own club committee to see how you can help! Like and Follow Pascoe Vale Football Club on social media to stay updated. 

Abbie Storer (March 2019)

This month, we'd love you to meet Coburg Districts FC Coach Abbie Storer!

Abbie Storer

It’s always an honour to be tapped on the shoulder and asked to take on a role at a club and that’s exactly what happened to Abbie Storer. The President of the Coburg Districts Football Club knew she had the skills to get involved in the All Girls Auskick and since then, Abbie’s involvement has snowballed. Abbie feels like the club is her home away from home after growing up watching her Dad play nearly 500 games there.

Abbie is a coach and the Female Football Coordinator which encompasses a lot of different tasks and activities, including coach development, sitting on the Junior Committee, researching and writing grant applications, sourcing sponsorships, liaising with council and other community members, organising and running clinics in schools, recruiting new players/families, and promoting the club, particularly the female junior and senior programs.

The Female Football Program has been a real success so far, with many dedicated and enthusiastic people supporting girls and women to play footy. In the last two years, the club has generated an All Girls Auskick Group, an Under 9, Under 11 and Under 13 girls teams, as well as a Senior Women’s team – all club firsts.

Abbie insists she doesn’t do it all on her own and is well supported by players, parents and club members to coordinate the program. Abbie’s hope is to build a sustainable Female Football Program that serves the families and community of Moreland and surrounds for many years to come. She wants Coburg Districts FC to be synonymous with girls and women’s footy.

Abbie says Coburg Districts FC make footy fun and accessible for all. Club members work together to create a safe and inclusive space for our diverse community to enjoy team sport, make new friends and develop their leadership skills.

Think you also have the skills to support your club? Ask your own club committee to see how you can help! Like and Follow Coburg Distircts Football Club on social media to stay updated. 

Robyn Thomas (February 2019)

Administrator at Brunswick Zebras Football Club - Robyn Thomas

Robyn Thomas

This month, we'd love you to meet the Administrator at Brunswick Zebras Football Club - Robyn Thomas

If you are involved in soccer (football) in Moreland, you will have heard of Robyn Thomas. Robyn is the Club Administrator at the Brunswick Zebras Football Club, a role she has held for the past five years. Robyn started helping out about 12 years ago when her kids started playing.

As with all local community clubs, Brunswick Zebras is a volunteer run club.  All committee members have various duties but to summarise Robyn’s, she plays to her administration strengths and manages the initial registration of all club players, ensuring they have appropriate team clothing and that players and teams get on the field to play soccer.

To do this, Robyn uses her friendly and approachable personality to work with various families, Football Victoria, Councils and other interested parties to ensure their needs are met. Robyn also looks after the administration for the three pavilions the club use, from ensuring electricity bills are paid and that the phone doesn’t get switched off, canteens are well stocked and baristas/catering staff are available. 

Robyn admits it’s full on and quite challenging at the best of times, however she likes knowing that systems are in place to ensure that everyone is welcomed to the club and can play or watch the soccer game. 

Robyn believes the games should run smoothly and efficiently and all other issues are managed and controlled so that the kids only have to concentrate on the enjoyment of playing the game, and parents can cheer from the sidelines. It’s why they joined up in the first place she says!

Brunswick Zebras FC welcomes all those who come along and simply want to play. They want to encourage the younger generation to become part of a community, learn new skills, be active and socialise with others who have the same interests.

It's a chance to meet new people and make friends for life whilst enjoying and having fun at game that they love. Families also get the opportunity to attend club trivia nights and other fundraiser activities run by the club. The skills Robyn has allowed her to contribute to the club operations spending time with her kids at a sport they love.

Think you also have the skills to take on an administration role at your club? Like and Follow Brunswick Zebras Football Club on social media to stay updated. Ask your own club committee to see how you can help!

Grace O'Brien (January 2019)

This month, we'd love you to meet the President of the Fawkner Netball Club - Grace O'Brien. 

Grace O'Brien

Grace has held the role of President for 12 months and has been instrumental to get the club up and running. As an active volunteer on both the football and cricket committees, Grace was tapped on the shoulder and asked by the cricket club President on behalf of the Fawkner North Coburg Sports Association to set up the netball club to provide the service to its families with daughters not wishing to play girls football or cricket.

We asked Grace where her initial interest came from to be part of the club, “My three daughters. They really wanted to play netball, especially after seeing the courts being built at Charles Mutton Reserve.” Initially the committee thought that they would get two junior teams to play in 2019 and start NetSetGo mid 2019 – but they’re expectations have been exceeded and Fawkner Netball Club will start 2019 with four junior teams, one senior team, one mixed team and a NetSetGo Program starting on February 2 – and the club is very welcoming of new players.    

Grace’s role as President is to oversee operations of the club, liaise with netball associations, players and families, seek sponsorship, recruit players and coaches. It’s also to build and maintain positive working relationships with players, families, community groups, schools, other sporting clubs at the Charles Mutton Reserve sporting precinct and Moreland Council.

Grace balances life as a working mum of three kids with her role as President and in a short space of time has experienced success at the club.

Think you also have the skills to take on a leadership role at your club? Like Fawkner Netball Club on social media to stay updated. Ask your own club committee to see how you can help!

Further information

We have a list of resources to help you engage and retain female leaders into your club.