Athletics tracks

The Harold Stevens Athletics Track is home to a number of Athletic Clubs that cater for all ages and abilities.

The facility has undergone recent refurbishments to the running track, infield facilities, including the shot put areas, installation of a second javelin throwing area, expansion of the high jump area and an upgrade to the hammer cage which now incorporates discus practice facilities. The track floodlighting was also upgraded to 100LUX.

Coburg Little Athletics Club

The Coburg Little Athletics Club committee is responsible for the overall operation of the Coburg Athletics Centre.

Coburg Little Athletics Centre is made up of 6 clubs, traditionally based around schools, however, members can join whichever club they wish. These clubs include Coburg West, Moreland, Newlands, Pascoe Vale, Westbreen. 

Visit the club's website.

Contact details

Email the club

George Pecchiar 0417 444 490

Kathleen Marsh 0417 557 302

Track bookings
Heather 0412 525 771

Other club contacts

Coburg West
Iain Nankervis 0416 035 097

Terry Cleve 0422 873 007

Jennifer Rebecchi 0412 799 845

Pascoe Vale
Chris Rizzo 0425 712 961

St Olivers
Ben Pascoe 0409 806 795

Rosa Scroggie 0412 624 407

Coburg Harriers Athletic Club

The Coburg Harriers are affiliated with Coburg Amater Athletics Club and compete in Athletics Victoria cross country in winter, and track and field in summer.

Visit the club's website.

Contact details

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