Hot and Cold Weather policy

Moreland's outdoor pools operate under a hot and cold weather policy, which means that the pool opening hours are based on the weather forecast and conditions.

The policy does not apply to the Brunswick Baths outdoor pool, the Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre outdoor pool, or the Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre waterslide during school holidays. These facilities will open regardless of the weather.

Council uses the Bureau of Meteorology forecast temperature taken at 5 pm.

Normal opening hours

Normal hours apply when the weather is forecast to be between 23 and 30 degrees celsius the day prior.

The waterslide at Oak Park Sports and Aquatic Centre and the diving pools at the Coburg Olympic Swimming Pool and Pascoe Vale Outdoor Pool open when the weather is forecast to be 26 degrees celsius or above.

Extended hours on hot days

On hot days, forecast 31 degrees and above, the outdoor pools open earlier:

  • 10 am during school holidays, weekends and public holidays, and
  • 1 pm during school term weekdays.

Outdoor pools may also close later, remaining open to 8 pm and beyond, depending on demand, availability of staff and sufficient light.

Closed on cold days

On cold days, forecast below 23 degrees, the outdoor pools are closed other than for commmunity groups bookings or regular programs.

When the forecast is below 23 degrees, we monitor the forecast early in the day. If there has been signficant change, we can decide to open the outdoor pools. Feel free to phone the pool or get an update on Facebook.

Tips for coping with the heat

See Council heatwaves page for tips for keeping cool during hot weather.