Swim Lessons Level Guide

We have a range of Swim Lesson classes to suit all abilities. Find out which class suits the student by determining age and/or current skills.

Infant/Toddler Classes

Age 6-12 months 12-24 months 2-3 years
Level reccomended Starfish Periwinkle  Minnor


Periwinkle.png Minnow.png

Any child in this age group can alternatively partake in ‘Aqua Sensory’. This class is a casual session suited to provide parents/guardians with water safety information and sensory water play for children.

Preschool Classes

Age 3-5 years 3-5 years 3-5 years
Current skills Student has not had lessons before.

Child is not confident to submerge or swim independently.

Student has had lessons before.

Can submerge independently.

Can swim 5m independently without assistance. 
Advanced class. For internal centre assessment and progression only.
Level recommended Tadpole Goldfish Flying Fish


Goldfish.png Flying fish.png

School Age

Age 5 years +  5 years +  5 years +
Current skill Has not had lessons before.

Child cannot do 5m torpedo and basic freestyle.

Child cannot float and kick on their back for 5m.
Has had lessons before.

Child can swim 5m independently basic Freestyle and Backstroke.
Has had lessons before.

Can swim 7m Freestyle with bi-lateral side breathing.

Can swim 7m Backstroke and kick on back.
Level recommended Octopus  Sardine Salmon



Sardine.png Salmon.png
Age 5 years +  5 years +  5 years +
Current skill Can swim 12m Freestyle and Backstroke.

Can do 5m of Breastroke kick.

Can swim 25m Freestyle and Backstroke.

Can perform 15m Breastroke kick and survival Backstroke.

Can swim 50m Freestyle and Backstroke.

Can swim 25m Breastroke.

Can do a tunble turn. 
Level recommended Tuna Dolphin Shark



Dolphin.png Shark.png

Teen and Adult Classes

Teen Class
11 years +
  • Have not had lessons before
  • Are not confident to swim 10m independently
Adult Beginner
  • For Adults non swimmers who are not confident in an aquatic enviroment 
  • Who cannot swim confidently for 10m
Adult Intermediate
  • For Adult intermediate swimmers who can swim independently 
  • Can swim basic freestyle with side breathing

Due to staff shortages, and with a priority to maintain our high service and supervision standards, our services may be affected. Check our facebook before you visit.